Dr. Daniel C. Eby

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Healthy Bone Clinic

This clinic is designed for our patients 50+ who experience fragility fractures.

A fragility fracture is defined as a low-energy fracture that results from a fall at standing height or from picking up a light item (i.e. a trip on the sidewalk, picking up a gallon of milk). These fractures result because of poor bone quality due to Osteoporosis.

As a part of our Healthy Bone Clinic, we will be offering a Fracture Liaison Service with providers specially trained to treat the “signal” fracture–the first fracture in what could become a chain of breaks.

The clinic will improve quality of life while helping to avoid debilitating fractures resulting in significant cost savings to both the individual and the nation’s healthcare chain.

Located in Jasper, IN

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