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Dr. Daniel C. Eby

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

The Amethyst Richway BioMat®

Dr. Eby is now an Authorized Distributor of The Amethyst Richway BioMat®.
Get remarkable health benefits through advanced technology.

Using the Amethyst BioMat® for just a short time each day leaves your body relaxed and refreshed, and it’s designed to fit your lifestyle. Use it before bedtime to prepare your body for sleep, or incorporate the BioMat® into your fitness, relaxation, health or meditation routine.

It’s a safe and natural way to own the ability to enjoy life for years to come with FDA-approved temporary relief from minor muscle spasms, sprains, strains, minor joint pain associated with arthritis, and more.

Whether you are seeking soothing temporary relief from minor muscle or joint pain, or enhancement of your physical and meditation activities through muscle relaxation, the BioMat® can take your body and mind’s well-being to the next level.

What it treats

Because the BioMat’s far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body and promotes our natural state of health and balance, it can be used to treat a wide range of health issues.

FDA’s Indications for use:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Increase of local circulation where applied
  • Temporary relief of:
    • Minor muscle pain
    • Minor joint pain and stiffness
    • Joint pain associated with arthritis
    • Muscle spasms
    • Minor sprains
    • Minor strains
    • Minor muscular back pain

Other benefits from the BioMat:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves sleep (if associated with pain relief)
  • Reduces inflammation (where applied)
  • Promotes relaxation by application of heat
  • Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness

How it works

The core of the Richway BioMat® technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ions, and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in a single, easy-to-use product with remarkable benefits.

Far infrared rays

Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic light spectrum and are close to the light frequency of natural sunlight. However, far infrared does not contain any of sunlight’s harmful UV/UVB radiation. The effectiveness of light therapy has been acknowledged by the mainstream medical profession for some time now.

Negative ions

An ion is a particle containing an electrical charge. An ion with a negative electrical charge is called a negative ion, and this type of ion is now considered to be integral to healthy cellular function. Ion channels exist in our body cells that are capable of stimulating the cells and altering the cell membranes to allow cells to communicate with one another. These ion channels essentially act like “pores” in the cells, letting external stimuli deep into the center of the cell. They are even capable of stimulating new memory traces in the brain!

Amethyst quartz channels

Amethyst’s healing properties have been acknowledged and celebrated for centuries by ancient scientists, healers, and others. Now, modern science has confirmed the highly conductive properties of this remarkable mineral. Amethyst crystals offer the most consistent and powerful delivery of far infrared light waves and ionic effects to the human body.

The outermost layer of every BioMat product is covered with channels of pure amethyst through which the far infrared rays must pass. The superconducting properties of the amethyst layer turn these rays into long wavelengths capable of safely and deeply penetrating the body.

Combining the best of science and holism

The BioMat uses verified scientific principles to deliver holistic treatment that reaches the whole body. The Biomat provides a non-invasive and soothing experience that soothes many common ailments. In addition to providing relief from some types of pain and discomfort, the BioMat provides muscle relaxation and increased local circulation where applied.